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What is a twilight switch for?

A twilight switch, also known as a light sensor, is a practical and efficient solution to automatically manage lighting. What’s more, it manages to adapt it to the changing conditions of clarity in its environment. This entry explains what its distinctive attributes are and what functions it performs.

This is a twilight switch

This is an electronic component. A device used to automatically turn lights on or off based on the amount of natural light available. Its main function is to adjust lighting according to environmental levels, especially at dawn and dusk. That’s where its name comes from.

The twilight sensor, using a photosensitive probe, is completely autonomous and capable of measuring the exceeding and reduction of brightness with respect to a pre-established threshold. This, consequently, allows you to connect or disconnect loads at its output. Or what is the same, the configuration of the luminosity setpoint (LUX) on which it must act.

What are the uses and advantages of a twilight sensor?

They are generally used to control lighting systems and provide multiple benefits. Among others, these are the most notable:

  • Energy saving. They turn on the lights only when it is essential. If there is enough light during the day, the switch turns them off, avoiding unnecessary use of electrical energy.
  • Automation. Provides an automated way to control exteriors or interiors. That is, activate or deactivate the luminance as needed.
  • Security. In external applications, such as lighting areas around buildings, streets or roads, it improves safety by guaranteeing luminescence when it gets dark.
  • Convenience. Importantly, it eliminates the need for people to manually turn lights on or off in response to lighting conditions. This is very convenient, especially in areas where clarity must adapt to changes in the environment. Even more so in areas that are difficult to access or practically uninhabited.
  • Extension of useful life. By reducing unnecessary light usage time, the switch helps extend the life of your bulbs and reduce the frequency of replacement. In addition, they are devices that require very little maintenance.

Who needs such a switch?

Unlike customized ones, twilight ones are necessary for all those who wish to obtain energy efficiency and sustainability. What’s more, for example, they are essential for the intelligent management of public lighting. Here, they independently detect and activate a lighting circuit when natural light decreases from the programmed level. Therefore, these two functions are essential; They provide security and provide notable savings, both energy and economic. A particularly useful solution, integrated into the national energy security plan.

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Download our catalog in PDF


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