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Momentary action switch.



MT8 micro switch.Different terminal styles and lever types. Dust proof and water proof with lead wires options available.Multiple operating forces at pin plunger. SPDT, SPST-NC and SPST-NO circuit codes. Different ratings and appearances structures. Wires available as well as different lenght options. Special designators also available.

Información adicional

Terminal style

None, Solder terminals, Fast connection terminals 2.8×0.5mm, 0.6mm Wide straight PCB terminals, 1.3mm Wide straight PCB terminals, Left side PCB terminals, Right side PCB terminals, Wire leads to bottom, Wires leads to side, Wires leads to side

Lever type

None, No lever Pin plunger, Straight lever 17.7mm, Straight lever 19.7mm, Long straight lever 25.8mm, Simulated roller 18.9mm, Inverted triangle lever, Roller lever 15.7mm, Longest straight lever 56.2mm, Other


None, Dust proof-IP00 Terminal type, Water proof-I067 With lead wires

OpeRating0 Force at pin Plunger, Max

None, 150gf Max. Only suitable for the L1 type of load, 200gf Max., 300gf Max., 400gf Max. Note: for the types 10 of the load, only OF is recommended, Other

Circuit Code


Electrical Rating0

None, UL/cUL/ENEC: 0.1A 125/250VAC 48VDC u 40T120 5E4, UL/cUL/ENEC: 3A 125/250VAC 36VDC 5E4 6 (1.5) A 125/250VAC 36VDC 1E4 u 40T120, UL/cUL/ENEC: 10(1.5) A 125/250VAC u 40T120 1E4

Appearance Structure

None, Right side standard Posts: Х1.80mmx2.8mm, Left side standard Posts: Х1.80mmx2.8mm, Both sides standard posts: Х1.80mmx2.8mm, Terminal spacing: Equal spacing, Other

AWG Number (for wire type only)

None, UL1007, UL1430, UL1061, UL1330, AVSS, UL1332, UL1015, UL3266

AWG Type (for wire type only)

None, 20#, 22#, 24#, 26#, 28#, 30#, 32#, 34#

Wires length

None, 300mm length 300mm, Other

Special Designator

None, Gold Plated Contacts (Optional only for L1 Rating0), Special use for high DC Rating0, Special code

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